Privacy & Refund Policy

Terms and Conditions of Our Services

If you are ordering any of our services, you have complete right to know about the policies we offer.


If your work is incomplete as per your requirement, you will definitely get a refund

Commitment to Development

I will do the work exactly as you want and there will be commitment for it so you must explain me properly before giving me the work


I don’t let people leave comments on my website, but you can read my Blog. If you find any mistakes in the Blog, you can message me through the Contact section. You can also receive feedback from me. If you need assistance, visit the contact page and get in touch.


The pictures and stuff you see on my website, like images, I made them. Also, the things written there, And I believe these are real and true


When you enter my website, a cookie notification will appear in your browser. You can reject or accept it if you want. It will not harm you, but if you.

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